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Higher internet speed for home users!

If you use the Internet for home purposes, you'll soon be able to quickly download your favorite songs, movies, games ...




Permanent offer for new users!

All new users of FLEX package in new, permanent offer for now can enjoy using internet by paying first month a monthly fee just 1 KM.



Reduced cost for audio / video streaming!

From September 2012, lower subscription and connection fees, and higher flow rates for the audio / video streaming!


Improve your business with faster and cheaper Zona Internet!

With high-speed Internet connections at lower prices and free telephone connections, the service will now offer the right solution for business users.


Information for potential partners!

We are looking for partners - a local company to work on the installation and maintenance of equipment Zona network in the area of Mostar.


Higher data rates in Zona VPN!

For Zona VPN users, we will soon enable higher flow rates in our VPN network.


Why Zona?

 Becouse at affordable prices we offer everything you need  for modern communication!


Favorable service of video surveillance!

From September 2012we will include in Zona offer lower connection fee for the service transfer of video surveillance.







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